After treatment

When treatment finishes you are delighted to have survived!!!!
Its all over isn’t it??

Unfortunately not…

Our Diamonds now start to look much better as hair grows back and energy levels slowly return. This is where the psychological battle begins……a lot of our Diamonds say this is the hardest time as there is no end date to work towards!

Lonely – less access to medical staff
Vulnerable – side effects – what’s normal?
Scared – if it comes back?/ treatment fails?
Expectations of self and from others
Future? – which way?
Body image issues
Early menopause – health implications?
Fertility – future pregnancy may not be possible
Care of children – tiredness – patience
Impact on family and finances – income
Impact on career – professional – future promotions
Life expectancy ahead MAY make diagnosis more distressing
Higher level of distress – coping – every day things become bigger stresses
Anxiety and fear of re-occurrence – time?
Chemo induced alopecia – image
Difficulty to get life insurance and travel insurance
 Loss of meaning or purpose in life
Not being at peace with or feeling regret about the past
Joint pain
Menopausal induced infections
Difficulty making plans – due to health
Loss of interest in activities
Unable to express feelings – friends and family are too close
Anger or frustration – why me?
Guilt for family
Sadness or depression
Loss of faith
Protecting family/ friends – “I’m fine!”


Sam’s Diamonds say Bring it on!!!!

You will not control my life anymore!

You will not stop me having a good life!

I will show you who is in charge of my life……

It’s certainly not you!!!


We support our Diamonds in gaining….

Determination to move forward
A zest for life
Strength – in body and mind
Drive to support each other
Support for a new direction in life – inspired
Direction for giving back
Appreciation – feeling blessed – friends/family
Understanding of a second chance at life
Positive attitude – to make a difference
Pride – self achievement
Self awareness – identity
Support for growth
Ability to make the most out of every day
A new sense of positivity
The realisation – healthy
The feeling empowerment – inform others



Its about helping and assisting people to find themselves again. Reaching out to people who are struggling with any aspect of treatment. Building confidences and helping find motivation and finding personal strengths.
Louisa Baird, Breast Care Nurse at St Helens Hospital


We create a united front against Cancer, allowing women to feel empowered, moving forward with their lives and making the most out of every day. The group offers support and a shared understanding from women in the same position. The group gives that all important reassurance and peace of mind that allows women to look forward to the future. We provide fun activities, workshops and outings within a therapeutic and supportive environment, helping each other sparkle throughout Cancer treatment.